Saumya Acharyya


Saumya Acharyya was born on 25th April 1970 at Dehrionson, Bodh Gaya Dist. In Bihar, India.His mother,Smt. Protima Acharyya is the daughter of Sri Satya Charan Lahiri, the grandson of Sri Sri Shyama Charan Lahiri, and the last son among six sons of Sri Tinkodi Lahiri. Being a member of this family, Saumya Aacharyya felt, it is his pias duty to preserve and make available to the world Sri Lahiri Mahasaya’s work, and to preserve the purity of his teachings of kriya yoga that were received from his guru Mahaavatar Babaji, so that generations to come, may learn from his pious life.

Sri Sri Lahiri Mahasaya was not only a saint in common sense. He preached the gospel of Kriya Yoga, while He was serving in military department, fulfilling important tasks as a head clerk. Living in family, performing all His duties, He showed a new path which He got from His Guru Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji. Lahiri Mahasaya was not only following a common path of spiritual attainment,but He blessed by his Guru a new path, which can be followed , even living in family and performing the duties of a common man.