Kriya Yoga

In the centerof the Indian culture there is yoga, because most of the scriptures in India are based on yoga. Yoga is the ladder to know the true nature of self. The path of Yoga is the simple and strong way to enter in the Spiritual world. In Bhagvadgeeta, Krishna told Arjuna “Swalpmapyasaya dharmasya trayate mahto bayat”, i.e whoever follows a little bit, the path of Yoga, can get rid of fear.

It is a misconception in the world that the way of yoga is a very difficult one and that it is impossible to practice (Sadhana) yoga in family life.

Why Sadhana (Practice) is necessary?

Every human being, whatever their unique quality is, perform some similar activity, as feeling of hungry, sleep, fear etc., but the animals performe also these same activities. So what is the difference between human being and animals? Basically we are all animals but we are rational. The difference is the quality of discrimination. With this power, man can think and know what is good or bad.

When we peform sadhana, the power of discrimination improves. Discrimination creates detachment from worldly affair. Patanjali also told in YOGDARSHAN “Abhyas Vairagyabhyam Tannnirodha” i.e. with Abhyasa (practice) and Vairagya (detachment) one can realize his Self. The only solution to all problems of this life is selfrealization. Without selfrealization life is only misery.


KRIYA YOGA is a scientific approach to get selfrealization. Pleasure and sorrow is realization of mind. When Kriya Yogi establish prana shakti in ajnachakra, through some process, then mind becomes unaware from five elements. At that time, mind will be still and stays in its natural place i.e Ajnachakra. In this chakra, mind will become nomind. In this stage of nomind, Self manifest. Kriya literally means action, yoga i.e Samadhi. The meaning which is coming out is “Samadhi through set of actions”. But only Kriya Yogi can understand the true nature of Kriya Yoga in his Sadhana. Kriya Yoga is the sadhana of Prana.

Most of us say that the prana is not well, meaning that the body is not well. It is the prana which is the root cause of ill health. The prana on becoming unsteady gets transformed into mind. Mind gets attracted to the senses and realizes all kind of pleasure and sorrow. Nothing ever exists without prana. Following the techniques of Kriya Yoga, Kriya yogi gets hold over prana, and he uses the prana shakti in the way he likes.